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Welcome to Playtime Safety Surfaces LLC

We Service a Wide-Range of Customers Including:

• Park Districts

• School Districts

• Daycare Facilities

• Retail Landscape

• Municipal Maintenance Facilities

Backyard playgrounds typically need our help!
Keep them SAFE,
Let them Play!


• Companies That Sell Playground Equipment

• All Facilities with Indoor Playgrounds

• Restaurants

• Malls

Landscape Architects should call NOW!

Choose your Playtime Surfacing and we can help you get LEED points and qualified *EDGE pricing!

All Playtime surfacing products are tested and meet or exceed ADA and Fall testing. Fully certified and in our opinion, the best product lines available today.

*EDGE is Ohio only.

Your children's safety is the most important thing to you.
At Playtime Safety Surfaces we specialize in supplying safety surfacing materials that secure the area's where your kids play.
We have solutions for every kind of safety surfacing you are looking for!
Indoor or Outdoor-
Let the Kids play!
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